The most preferred way is to download videos or music accounts via the Internet for Chrome. Film and songs are at the top of the most downloaded list. Listening to a song, a movie, a concert, a sporting event, halting an art activity on the Internet, extracting it from the internet. Nowadays, we can download web-browsers or laptops, tablet, tablet pc, PC, video and audio files.

In this regard, we want to download the video we want quickly, easy to use and manage, our computers, phones, tablets or similar devices, space-saving, easy to use and install programs are preferred. Especially, the most used web browser program, which can work as an add-on program under Google Chrome is preferred. It is possible to download videos and mp3 from any site we want, including video quality with the quality we want, including the real HD quality.

After installing the necessary add-on programs, we usually add the download buttons that let us download the video in various ways under the videos we want to download. By clicking on these buttons, we can download the desired video to our device. When we press the button to start the download process, programs are offered by us on the video quality of the file we are going to download, or on the type of file (audio file and types, video file and types). Among the major programs included in this subject, getthemall program easily enter the top five.
The reason why many users prefer getthemall program is the ability to work on almost every site without problems. With this program you can easily download a movie of the quality you want. In addition, this program allows you to view various pictures, music etc. media-containing files can be downloaded easily. In addition, because it offers us a choice in mobile environments and is a more established program than other programs, getthemall program is preferred more frequently by users.

Flash Video Downloader

While browsing the Internet, some interesting videos, movies and music files are watched with great pleasure. However, the same videos cannot be recycled or found later. In fact, because of the internet restriction, most of the time, short-term monitoring is trying to overcome expectations. Downloading audio files of popular videos, however, is now easier with flash video downloader. You can easily download many media formats to your computer without any problems, watch them at any time, or store them for later viewing or listening. You can download the files you have downloaded to flash memory or external harddisks and you can always carry them with you


Check Copyright Before Downloading Video and Music

Sites over 90 percent of web pages use visual media, many of which are flash videos. Easy-to-use flash videos are backed by great visual effects, and they also feature great music in their backgrounds. However, you should be aware of the contents of the media that you downloaded with flash video downloader. Because before downloading video and music files, the user must check for copyright permissions. You are advised not to download it if there is a legal notice.

Download Continuous Video and Audio Files


Some browsers may have restricted the download of videos and music files. Therefore it is useful to check the scanner’s features and settings. The flash video downloader, which performs a fast download based on the size of the video files, in some cases continues to download files from offline pages. Therefore, it performs uninterrupted operation for users.

Download Files to One Desktop with One Click

There is no need to make special program settings for downloading files. It is only necessary to run the file containing the visual media and start the upload process. You don’t need to start any program and download and install the program extensions. The only thing that needs to be done is to check the options in the settings menu of what kind of video extensions you want to download.

Downloading Video from Social Networks

The program still has a few barriers. One of the barriers to downloading videos on social networks such as youtube videos and facebook videos is not effective. However, while the videos on other sites are running, the icon of the program in the toolbar will mark. Clicking on the Download button offers the options of downloading flash videos in the desired format. You can download a video format as mp4 format as needed. However, you need to make sure that the browser supports different formats.

You can store your downloaded files and you can easily watch and listen while offline. You can easily use your video and audio files in presentations. You can move them to your smartphones and tablets by converting them to the appropriate format. You can also download flash files known as swf files from your browser with downloader plug-ins.

Video Downloader Professional

It is an ideal download program for those who want to have a chance to watch online videos and download them easily at any time. Performs a minimum level of maximum quality download to save the desired video to your computer or storage. Users can realize how easy and fast downloading video is after downloading video downloader professional to internet browsers. They can download videos in high resolution and quality without any distortion in the format and resolution of videos.

Downloading Video is not a problem


 Many internet users are aware of how hard and long it takes to download training videos, animations, movies and more. Sometimes, downloading up to frustrating dimensions can be interrupted by intermittent interruption. It doesn’t work for anyone to start again and wait a while. At this stage, the video downloader professional is compatible with many visual media videos and does not restrict users to certain extensions, such as other programs. It offers easy and fast solutions for those who have trouble with file extensions.

 Do Not Use Other Programs for Video Extensions

 The videos on the web pages are published in flash-based and low-size files to make the pages work smoothly and make the videos easy to open. Some videos are larger in size than their content. The downloading of such videos is becoming grind and time consuming for many users. It eliminates such mishaps in the video downloader professional. All the necessary features for fast and high quality video downloading options are provided by this program. Users will want to download more videos through this program and have a large video archive.

Your Computer and Pages Are Not Affected

 While many videos are being downloaded, the computer slows down and slows down. When downloading on any video page, it is difficult to work or navigate on another page. These mishaps disappear with the video downloader Professional program and can continue to do all kinds of online transactions. It allows you to perform the same tasks while downloading video and allowing you to perform different tasks. It allows you to watch your downloaded videos on your mobile devices and televisions with mp4 format.

 Video Downloader Professional Advantages

 First and foremost, it is an easy and fast way to download all online videos. It does not cause a slowdown in the computer system during the download. It allows videos to be recorded in high resolution and quality, and does not cause image loss. Allows you to play your videos on mobile devices and TV units.

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus allows you to download videos, movies, and music on the Internet and download files faster. With just one click, you can easily download files to the desktop or store them on removable disks. The Video Downloader Plus is very simple to install and use. After the installation process, download the video or music site to go to the site is sufficient to specify the link.

How to Install Video Downloader Plus?

To download the link, click the download link. The program will be installed directly on your computer. It is not blocked by any antivirus program. However, if you are having trouble with the installation, the installation will be disabled. If you receive a warning, you can add a message to an active user.

Which browsers work?

Video Downloader Plus works seamlessly in all Firefox, chrome and oper scanners. The Run add-ons option must be selected by checking the run or block settings of browsers. This option is set to default on most browsers. However, it is important for them to have trouble in browsing the settings.

How to Download?

After the installation process is complete, you should go to the website where the video or music is available. The command is then given to play the sound or to play the music. It will be enough to click on the Play button on such sites. You can be sure that the installed extension is running the current connection. You can then open the downloader pro and select the video or music you want to download. After this stage, you only do the download command. Depending on your internet speed, the download time is short. In case of network disconnections, the program will resume downloading from where it was later.    It offers the best solutions for all internet users with free usage. There is no need for a continuous internet connection to listen to the music you have downloaded and watch videos. Once downloaded, you can watch and listen continuously. Its simple interface makes it very simple to use. There is no need for further explanation. You can decide whether or not to download your video or listen to your music before you start.

Chrono Download Manager

Chrono download manager for chrome is a file download program. Specially designed for the Crome browser. Attached to the browser. No separate download program is needed. It has the same features as Internet Download Manager, which is popular among download programs. With content menus, toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts, chrono meets many needs. With the number of users approaching one million, it provides ease of downloading files and videos from the internet smoothly and quickly. With Chrono, only the file is not downloaded. Videos and pictures can also be downloaded easily. You can easily manage and download these downloads.

How to Download Chrono Download Manager?

Users who use Crome as a browser can access chrome store to download chrono download manager. 1.79 megabytes of program can be downloaded for free. It is very easy to install. It is sufficient to follow and follow the instructions with the support of the Turkish language.

What are the Features of Chrono Download Manager?

1- It is not browser independent as other download managers. Added to Chrome.

  2- It is easy to use. Totally free.
  3- The download speed is very high and ensures smooth downloads. Makes the download process by providing multiple connections.
  4- You can customize the interfaces. You can use different types of files to filter.
  5- One click can follow the download process. You can manage the download process smoothly.
  6- The files you download with the customization will be automatically sent to the folders.
  7- Has voice notification feature. When the file download is complete, the voice notification is coming up.
  8- It has the ability to enter different URL at the same time. Multiple images can be downloaded at once.
  9- It has offline operation feature.

Chrono download managerin What are the cons?

1- The chrono download manager, which is attached to the Chrome browser, uses chrome’s built-in download API. 

Therefore, the download file is also closed when the chrome browser is closed. The rest of the file does not resume. You need to download the file again.
  2- Hidden fashion download is a problem.
  3- Download manager doesn’t include downloading youtube videos. This is seen as the biggest problem users experience.
  4- Even if different dialog box is selected, chrono dialog box preference is asked even if o save as 4- button is turned off.

Download Master

Active computer users do not use the download program is probably not. There are many file download manager programs from past to present. Some of them are now optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets and for use in operating systems such as Android. Some of these programs are free, and some of them serve as paid.

How File Manager Programs Work?

File download programs work on a single file logic by downloading a file that is shared to users from a few points on the internet, by downloading them into pieces from the appropriate file and by combining the file on the computer we have downloaded. Some of these programs are compatible with some web browsers such as Google Chrome. One of the most successful of these programs is the download master download manager program.

What is the Difference of Download Master?

Google chorme is a download program that runs on a slightly different system than the admin program which is used to download files automatically. It is very difficult to follow up and edit the files we download in the program in Chrome and only basic level downloading can be performed in this program. That’s why we need a more comprehensive program in the faster download point for larger, more complex files.

Download Master How it Works?

First, the download master can work as a Google Chrome plug-in, to save the trouble of installing an extra program on our computer. Thanks to the usefulness of the browser plug-in program, the program allows us to download the files on a page we are browsing at the same time. With the right click feature of the mouse in the context of the drop-down menu and also opened in the browser toolbar is very easy to reach the program is located.

 You can monitor the results in a separate chrome window by analyzing the download links in a site you are navigating using this program. You can also start the download process by selecting the links you want in this pop-up window, you can stop at any time. You can also use the various filtering options offered by the program. To summarize the biggest advantages of the program, it is a small program and its usage is quite simple and comfortable compared to other similar programs.

Facebook Video Download Professional Hd

Since 2004, the Facebook social networking site, which has been growing rapidly since 2004, continues to increase the number of users every day. In parallel with the increase in the number of users, the number of posts in the site, ie the number of shared videos and images, is increasing day by day.  Although pictures and videos are shared for the sake of memory only in the beginning, the types and objectives of the shares made on Facebook are gradually differentiated.    Video sharing is useful in a wide variety of areas, such as a game or a service, for the purpose of promotion, teaching or teaching in a field, for purposes of promotion, or for teaching purposes. Videos shared on Facebook are not shared in other environments unless they allow the user, nor can they be viewed outside of facebook. In this case, we do not have the ability to watch a video we need to watch again in an environment other than Facebook or in an environment without Internet. To give a simple example, we do not have the opportunity to apply a recipe video on facebook in an environment where internet is not available.

Can Facebook Videos Download?

We can download video sharing on Facebook, facebook video download professional hd program to our devices such as phone, tablet, pc, we can watch as we wish, even if there is no internet in these devices. In addition, after downloading these videos, we want to share in the social media site environment, we can share by doing, we can easily get rid of these restrictions by Facebook facebook download video professional hd program. However, we recommend that you do not disregard the subject of copyright and the compliance of the content with the sharing.

How to Download Facebook Videos?

Facebook video sharing, facebook video download professional hd program with hd quality and very simple as you can download it without straining. The procedure is very simple. First of all, you are copying the link of the post that you want to download the video.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram, which has one of the biggest shares in social media today, is growing day by day and the number of users continues to grow with a steady and increasing acceleration. By the end of 2018, the number of Instagram posts exceeding 500 million users is increasing in proportion to the number of users. At this point, shared pictures, and especially videos, are intended to be shared by many users in their own profiles, or stored on their own computers, tablets and phones, and archived for future viewing. For example, information about a video game, a video in a field, a recipe video, a series of videos such as video archives, the internet may need to be re-viewed in the environment.

What are the Features of Videos in Instagram?

Videos in Instagram are videos with a certain time limit. This video does not allow the program to be seen outside of Instagram. That’s why you can only see videos normally shared on your Instagram account. It is not possible to download these pictures or videos directly. You are also not allowed to share the video or picture you see in Intagram on any media if the user did not authorize it. Although we can record these videos on Instagram from “save it to my collection” section, it is impossible for us to watch the videos again in environments where our internet is not available. At this point, our Instagram video downloader program is growing.

The easiest way to download videos from Instagram

All of the problems mentioned above are recovering us from the Instagram video downloader program. Thanks to the program, we connect the videos to the internet once, download them to our phone, computer or tablet and then share them whenever we want. In addition, thanks to the ease of use, the Instagram video downloader program does not bother us at all. The process is very simple.

How to Download Video from Instagram ?

First of all we download the video we want to download over Instagram. Then click on the link in this post and copy. After opening Instagram video downloader program, we copy this link to the location specified on the program. Then, after making sure that we’ve pasted the link correctly, we click the button that says download. After performing these operations, the video will automatically start to descend. After downloading our video, we can watch this video at any time in the absence of internet.


DownloadAll is another great chrome download manager extension. With this, you can easily able to download your desired thing from all over the internet. This chrome download manager extension is very simple and elegant download manager for all. great thins is this extension is free.
DownThemAll is an easy-to-use plug-in that allows you to download effective files to used browsers. This plugin is a plugin used in Chrome browsers and is called dTa. It offers good solutions for users who are eager to download video and audio files to their computers.

Simple and Powerful Infrastructure

Most of the visual media web sites are full of great videos and music. It may not be possible to come across these videos most of the time. Downthemall allows you to download images and audio files from these pages! is the best answer for users’ requests. It has the capabilities to download images and download processes that can be personalized and converted to special file extensions when needed.

Provides the ability to control the download time

Downthemall with all the features required to download video and audio files! It easily fulfills every process expected from a downloader program. Depending on your Internet connection, it has an advanced download infrastructure that can increase the download speed up to 4-5 times. If necessary, you can stop the download or resume it later. You can download your video and audio files by integrating easily with the most used and familiar browser.

Video Download Feature With More Extensions

If you like to download and archive movies, animations, audio files right now, downthemall! plug-in to your computer by installing the plug-in. Many downloader programs overwhelm users while experiencing downtime during the download. You can make trouble-free and high quality downloads without experiencing these troubles. In older versions, files with a simple file extension can be downloaded and video and audio files with many different extensions can be downloaded in the more advanced version. However, there is not yet enough infrastructure for downloading large capacity files.

More Active with New Version

The new version of the work to be tested by users quickly continued downthemall! With its new version, it seems to perform more active and fast file downloads. A faster, uninterrupted video download will take place on the browsers with the new version. Technically it seems to be able to work more effectively on the browser by disabling older versions as well as some minor visual changes.     For downloaders that produce great solutions for Internet users, they must pay attention to legal copyright for all users. It is important for users to ensure that there is no copyright notice on any video and audio file to download, so that users do not face legal responsibilities.

Download Manager

Download Manager allows you to maximize your downloads. Allows you to rebuild a track. IDM has been the most popular download manager with easy interface and integrated with all browsers.

Internet Download Manager is downloading download functions for other download managers.

Proxy servers, ftp and httpd protocols are available, you can override the firewall, follow the redirects, save the cookies, or enter the server if you wish. Internet download manager; Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, such as all popular browsers to download automatically enters the download process.

If we count the other number of Download Manager on the Internet; Preview without downloading, click to download.
The new version included support for download for Windows 10 support and video downloads.



1. nice, clean interface to easily access and view info of your downloads in a popup.
2. right click menu for every action on download item(see screenshot).
3. Search your downloads as soon as you start typing.
4. Shows download progress with pause, resume and cancel options.
5. drag and drop the items onto applications.
6. Desktop Notifications on download complete.
7. visual notification when download starts.
8. shows remaining time of download completion and its progress in icon itself.
9. disables download shelf at the bottom.
10. keyboard shortcuts for every option.

File Download Manager

Here is the free download manager! Unlike other programs like Flashget, there is a simpler screenshot and, unlike other programs, it can even dowmnload a computer with download restrictions.

You can download both size small and one-click, or if you click Download by Free Dowload Manager, you can download more healthily. In addition, Free Dowload Manager is a program that suits you, which downloads larger programs at greater speed than small programs.