Chrono Download Manager

Chrono download manager for chrome is a file download program. Specially designed for the Crome browser. Attached to the browser. No separate download program is needed. It has the same features as Internet Download Manager, which is popular among download programs. With content menus, toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts, chrono meets many needs. With the number of users approaching one million, it provides ease of downloading files and videos from the internet smoothly and quickly. With Chrono, only the file is not downloaded. Videos and pictures can also be downloaded easily. You can easily manage and download these downloads.

How to Download Chrono Download Manager?

Users who use Crome as a browser can access chrome store to download chrono download manager. 1.79 megabytes of program can be downloaded for free. It is very easy to install. It is sufficient to follow and follow the instructions with the support of the Turkish language.

What are the Features of Chrono Download Manager?

1- It is not browser independent as other download managers. Added to Chrome.

  2- It is easy to use. Totally free.
  3- The download speed is very high and ensures smooth downloads. Makes the download process by providing multiple connections.
  4- You can customize the interfaces. You can use different types of files to filter.
  5- One click can follow the download process. You can manage the download process smoothly.
  6- The files you download with the customization will be automatically sent to the folders.
  7- Has voice notification feature. When the file download is complete, the voice notification is coming up.
  8- It has the ability to enter different URL at the same time. Multiple images can be downloaded at once.
  9- It has offline operation feature.

Chrono download managerin What are the cons?

1- The chrono download manager, which is attached to the Chrome browser, uses chrome’s built-in download API. 

Therefore, the download file is also closed when the chrome browser is closed. The rest of the file does not resume. You need to download the file again.
  2- Hidden fashion download is a problem.
  3- Download manager doesn’t include downloading youtube videos. This is seen as the biggest problem users experience.
  4- Even if different dialog box is selected, chrono dialog box preference is asked even if o save as 4- button is turned off.

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