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Download Manager allows you to maximize your downloads. Allows you to rebuild a track. IDM has been the most popular download manager with easy interface and integrated with all browsers.

Internet Download Manager is downloading download functions for other download managers.

Proxy servers, ftp and httpd protocols are available, you can override the firewall, follow the redirects, save the cookies, or enter the server if you wish. Internet download manager; Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, such as all popular browsers to download automatically enters the download process.

If we count the other number of Download Manager on the Internet; Preview without downloading, click to download.
The new version included support for download for Windows 10 support and video downloads.



1. nice, clean interface to easily access and view info of your downloads in a popup.
2. right click menu for every action on download item(see screenshot).
3. Search your downloads as soon as you start typing.
4. Shows download progress with pause, resume and cancel options.
5. drag and drop the items onto applications.
6. Desktop Notifications on download complete.
7. visual notification when download starts.
8. shows remaining time of download completion and its progress in icon itself.
9. disables download shelf at the bottom.
10. keyboard shortcuts for every option.

File Download Manager

Here is the free download manager! Unlike other programs like Flashget, there is a simpler screenshot and, unlike other programs, it can even dowmnload a computer with download restrictions.

You can download both size small and one-click, or if you click Download by Free Dowload Manager, you can download more healthily. In addition, Free Dowload Manager is a program that suits you, which downloads larger programs at greater speed than small programs.

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